13 Top Methods to Make Coffee While Camping Without Fire

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If you’re planning to go camping, there are many things you’ll want to do. One of the most important things you’ll want to do is make sure you have a decent cup of coffee while camping.

You don’t want to wake up in the morning and find that you’ve been asleep for hours, only to realize that you’ve been drinking the same coffee you had for breakfast.

To help you make sure you have a good cup of coffee while you’re camping, we’ve compiled a list of different methods you can use. These methods will allow you to make coffee while camping without a fire.

How to Make Coffee Whille Camping Without Fire – 13 Top Methods

Method 1. Use a Battery-operated Coffee Maker

When you go camping, you may need help to make coffee using a fire. This is because you can quickly burn yourself with fire, and it may take too long to cook something on fire. Instead, you can use a battery-operated coffee maker to make your coffee.

A battery-operated coffee maker is easy to use and does not require waiting for a fire. You fill the machine with water and add some coffee grounds. Once you close the lid, you press a button, and the machine will make your coffee. All you need is electricity, which you can get from a rechargeable battery.

Method 2. The Making of Cold Brew Coffee

When making a cold brew, you will use some cold water that is not hot. This is why it is essential only to use cold water in your coffee maker. The cold water will help extract the coffee flavor from the coffee beans and strengthen the coffee. You should be sure that your water is clean; otherwise, you may have a problem with your coffee tasting bitter.

However, making cold brew coffee is similar to making tea; you need a water kettle and a container that holds the boiling water. Put about 3 to 4 cups of filtered water in the kettle and heat it until it boils. While the water heats, measure out the amount of coffee you want.

Add the coffee to the water, put the lid on the kettle, and turn it off. Allow the coffee to steep for 10 minutes, then strain it into a container. Let it cool down completely and place it in the refrigerator. Now you have your cold brew coffee ready to serve. It will stay fresh for days or even weeks.

Method 3. Make AeroPress Coffee Without a Fire

The AeroPress is a great invention. It makes perfect coffee. You can make it using only coffee and water, and you won’t need any fire. Follow the instructions and make great coffee at the camping tent.

You will need the following:

AeroPress coffee maker



You will first add the water to your Aeropress. Put the lid on and wait for a few minutes. Add the coffee to the cup and then cover it with the lid.

Wait for 10 minutes, and then remove the lid. The coffee will be ready for drinking. This is an easy method to make great-tasting coffee. You won’t need a fire for this.

Method 4. Use a Portable Espresso Maker to Make Coffee

This is an easy method to make good coffee. You can make your coffee whenever you need to drink it. You don’t need a fire to make the coffee. You need to get the water boiling first.

Once the water is boiling, pour the hot water into a jar and add the coffee. Wait for a few minutes, then place the lid on the jar. Keep the lid on for 10 minutes. Then take off the lid. Your coffee is ready for drinking. 

When buying a portable espresso maker, look for a model that has a hand pump instead of a steam pot. Hand pump espresso machines use a lever that pushes a piston inside the machine, which forces the water inside the machine through the pressurized filter.

These machines are easy to use and very quick to produce espresso. You can also purchase the accessories required for your espresso machine and keep the machine close by for quick access.

Method 5. Use the Camp Stove to Make Coffee.

First, pour water into the pan. Ensure it’s not too hot so it won’t scald your hands. Now, add the ground beans to the water in the pan. Stir the beans with a spoon.

The goal is to get the grounds to dissolve completely and start making coffee.

Next, place the pan on the stove over medium heat. The water should begin to boil within one minute.

After about a minute, adjust the heat, so it’s just simmering. Your coffee should be ready after four to five minutes.

Method 6. Use a Portable Camp Stove to Make Coffee.

There’s a reason why you don’t see many people running around with their camping stoves anymore. We’ve learned that the most convenient solution is to use a small portable gas stove to heat water for coffee and tea.

These little stoves are often very affordable but come in many different styles and sizes, so you have plenty of options. One of the most important tips here is to take your stove out of its packaging to see if you have any problems with it first.

Method 7. Use a Solar Kettle to Make Coffee.

Solar kettles are very common for outdoor activities. It can help you prepare coffee and hot drinks whenever you want without having to worry about the weather. It works like a regular kettle, except it uses sunlight instead of gas.

Also, It is a very effective and easy-to-use device for camping and hiking trips. If you don’t have one already, you can buy a solar kettle today and use it for a long time. It doesn’t need electricity or gas.

While this may seem like an odd way to make coffee, there are some benefits to using a solar kettle. First, you don’t need to carry around a stove or worry about running out of gas or electricity. You can set up the solar kettle at a campsite, which will automatically heat up as the sun moves across the sky.

In addition, you can leave the solar kettle set up all day long and use it whenever you want to make yourself a cup of coffee.

Method 8. Use a Gas Stove to Make Coffee

Follow the steps if you want to make a cup of coffee using a gas stove:

The first step is to turn the stove on. The next step is to heat the pot using gas or propane.

After you have heated the pot, add ground coffee and fill the pot with water.

Let the water sit for approximately 3 minutes before you use the gas burner to boil the water.

When the water starts boiling, turn the gas burner to low.

Turn off the stove after approximately 5 minutes.

And the coffee is ready to drink.

Method 9. Use a Stovetop Espresso Maker

A stovetop espresso maker is a simple kitchen gadget. All you need is a stovetop espresso maker and some coffee beans.

First, add some water to the top section of the machine.

Then place the coffee beans in the bottom section.

Next, add some ground coffee to the coffee filter.

Finally, put the stovetop espresso maker over the flame and allow the machine to heat up for about 4 minutes. You will have a hot cup of espresso within 2 minutes.

Method 10. Use an Immersion Blender to Make Coffee

You can find an immersion blender at home improvement stores. All you need to do is buy an immersion blender and some ingredients to make a cup of coffee. You will need coffee beans, water, a stovetop espresso maker, a coffee filter, and a clean blender.

You should start with one cup of coffee beans. You can purchase pre-ground coffee. You should grind the coffee beans into a fine powder.

Then you should add the coffee powder to the bottom section of the stovetop espresso maker. Place the coffee filter in the coffee filter holder and put the immersion blender over the flame.

Turn the heat up to medium heat. Allow the coffee maker to heat up for about 4 minutes.

Method 11. Use a French Press to Make Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. Everyone has their way of making coffee. The most common method is to boil water and then pour the boiling water over the ground coffee.

However, many people enjoy drinking coffee with no boiling. They prefer making coffee using cold water and a French press. The French press method can be used to make different types of coffee. This is a great way to enjoy coffee without using a stove or hot water.

Pro tip: It is effortless to use and can make great coffee. It allows you to have fresh coffee every day. It is easy to clean as well. The only downside to this coffee maker is that it takes time to heat up.

Method 12. Use a cold-brew coffee maker

To use this coffee maker, you will need to buy cold-brew coffee.

Once you have the cold-brew coffee, you can put it in a container and store it in your refrigerator for up to days or weeks. When you are ready to drink the coffee, you will need to place the coffee in a French press.

Add one part of the cold-brewed coffee to three parts of water to make coffee.

You will need to stir this mixture together well.

When the coffee is ready, you must strain it through a coffee filter. You can drink the coffee warm or cold.

This is a great way to drink coffee without using a stove or hot water.

Method 13. To Make Vietnamese iced coffee

You will need:

1 cup of Vietnamese coffee

1 cup of milk

Ice cubes

A blender

An ice tray

You will need a large glass pot, a strainer, and an ice tray. Mix 1 cup of Vietnamese coffee with ice cubes in a large glass pot. Fill the glass pot with ice cubes and mix well.

Place the strainer over the top of the glass pot. Now, pour your coffee mixture through the strainer. The coffee will be ready once you have removed the ice cubes from the coffee.


The most important thing is to be prepared. When it comes to camping, you need to bring all of your supplies with you. This includes food, water, and other essentials.

As you prepare for your trip, pack everything you need in advance. Then, once you arrive at your campsite, you can use your stove, cookware, and other items to make the most of your time.

I hope this guide has been helpful for you in making coffee without a fire. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know in the comments below!


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